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feng shui architecture

In my architectural design, I combine the ancient knowledge of different Feng Shui schools - Feng Shui school of landscape, Feng Shui astrology, Flying Star Feng Shui -

with architectural expertise into one holistic approach.


  • Design of family houses, business spaces and exteriors
    from scratch - according to Feng Shui principles - choosing the best suitable location, interior and exterior design.


  • Adaptations of houses, apartments and offices - individual or harmonising with whole family and colleagues.

My focus is always on using natural materials.

feng shui lectures

  • Feng Shui analysis and/or analysis of family and business relations through 9 Qi Stars and determination of your 3 defining elements. 
    This analysis shows which energy and elements support and nourish you - e.g. which jobs and interests, way of living, the best working team. 
    It also shows the areas where your energy is draining, e.g. in everyday life or work and how to change it.

    The analysis helps in the process of becoming aware and transformation of our conditioned patterns,

  • Harmonising of the energy of the spaces


  • Individual determnation of directions when relocating or looking for a new  job. When is the best time to relocate / travel / accroding to your element.

feng shui education

  • Courses in Feng Shui

  • Lectures

  • Workshops


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