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Power of Mantra

I just heard about one guy who let Mantra chanting playing all day, in order to become more spiritual. In the end it didnt work for him.

But why? Arent all the fine vibrations and energy pulsating through the room all day going to enlighten you?

Sadly, no.

If Mantra works, half and hour up to hour chanting is enough. If Mantra is on all day long, it means that it absolutely doesn't work. It is more like escapism try. It will have only superficial influence.

You gotta let Mantra work from within. If you let it go to work like a magic wand, without your inner interaction, nothing is gonna happen.

In order for Mantra to work, it gotta move something from within.

Chanting it half an hour up to an hour per day is going to do it. But you have to focus — without expecting too much. Without attachments. Just focus on chanting, the sound, energy. It helps when it is done in an relaxed environment. You can also focus on Heart chakra, or 3rd Eye. But no expectations, no pushing. Just open up and observe whatever is going. One chanting might not be enough. Repeating it on more days will move more things. Some things might come up. That’s why absolute detachment is neccesary. There are powerfull Mantras like Rudra Mantra — Maha Mritunjaya mantra. Thru Mantras you connect with positive energy field. It should energize you. If you are tired, yes it might make you going to sleep. Mantra works in mid to long run. Don’t expect wonders in short term. However wonders — your inner wonders might happen if you stick to it longer. How will you know that it works? You will feel more energy, and more open but centered. It means you are connected. re-connected. In Latin, re-ligare(d). Realigned. It is just a start. Now you can go on and explore the parallel reality.

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