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Energy does not disappear,
nor does it come from nothing,
it is being transformed and it circulates.
One cosmic breath pervades it all. 
From that insight 
the ancient knowledge of perceiving
energy in the space arose.

Sattvic Garden is the space where ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and Yoga
meet with holistic diet and astrology
Three layers of living put into one whole.
They enable us to live more conscious and mindful life 

in a world that is constantly changing.

Feng Shui harmonises the energy of our inner and outer space
Yoga helps us to develop our spirit

Holistic diet nourishes our constitution
Astrology puts light onto our unconscious patterns of behaviour


In Feng Shui projects I apply knowledge from different Feng Shui schools with modern architectural practices into one holistic and functional approach. 
The arising harmonised spaces increase the quality of life and foster spiritual development

 of its dwellers. Besides designing projects, I also give Feng Shui education.


The Holistic Diet gives us more vitality in todays modern life. 
We can easier adjust to the dynamic cycles of Nature and reach the Balance.
I offer education about my unique holistic diet.


The language of astrologic symbols gives us opportunity to become aware of our conditioned patterns of behaviour. We shall make these hidden patterns conscious in order to be more free and to have possibility to transform them into more suitable patterns to us.

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