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Yoga Shala in Vienna



FULL MOON on 13.7.2022

We chanted Maha Mritunjaya Mantra 108 times
Spirit Rebel ran into some problems
which he explained after the chanting
Intro & explanation in Croatian and English

We teach authentic Yoga, meaning not only Asanas.
Yoga is a system for spiritual awakening, where Asanas might be only one small part of it.

So we teach:

Hatha Yoga
with focus on Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Asana

Real Ashtanga Yoga according to Patanjali
including Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana
and yes Samadhi you will have to learn yourself :)

Yoga Therapy
Spine decompression


Yes we teach and adjust you in Asana also, not for the sake of Asana, but to get your individual body right - in the first place to get your spine right. Every spine is unique and not every spine is suitable for every Asana.

In Yoga, body is seen as an obstacle, so Yoga tries to overcome the body by fine tuning it as much as possible. 
Asanas - "Yogic postures" are never done for the sake of Asanas, but for the sake of minimising the effect of body on your Vrittis and energy channels. That is why Asanas are done. When Vrittis are silent and energy is flowing you do not need Asanas. Then you will need Yamas and Niyamas. Because then your feelings and hidden stuff will manifest and you might want to confront it. In Yoga you have to confront things in order to transcend them. No confronting - no overcoming - no Yoga. That simple. This is also why everything in Yoga is highly individual.
So now you maybe know why you are not doing Yoga when you are doing Asanas. You are doing Asanas only, and that is also not bad. 

So yes Yoga is about change. If you do not change, you are either not doing Yoga or you are already enlightened! And i dont mean only change on the physical level. While it is true that our body is the reflection of our energy body, it has other Koshas too, other levels where change has to be done in order to perform Yoga.

Every change is hard, because psychological phenomena become part of our identity, be it a habit or a memory that we emotionally relate to. When we let go, we gain new space to populate maybe with better habit or better experience. Change is easier when we are young, when our Wood element is still stronger. So start doing Yoga early (and i mean not Asanas only, but the whole Yoga thing with confronting and overcoming!). You will feel much better later on. Still not everything is lost if you start Yoga in your 40s.

We teach individually - up to 2 persons at our Yoga Shala in Vienna 1130 or online.
Classes about Yogic philosophy and Yogic psychology might have more attendants.

We decided to teach Yoga because we wanted to pass on the Sacred Knowledge. There is so much wrong content on the Internet and out there called Yoga, whereas sacred Knowledge of Yoga is disappearing.
So we teach for example 7 out of 8 parts of Ashtanga Yoga, whereas Patabhi Jois taught only 1 - Asanas and only 1 Pranayama out of many. So did he really teach Yoga? We really doubt so!
While there are some teachers who teach authentic Yoga,
most teachers are teaching it simply wrong, even Asanas - you just need to go on YouTube.
We are teaching it true to the Yogic idea passed from times immemorial.  
Essence of Yoga must remain uncorrupted in order to be understood,
Some outer forms like the cult of Guru is not anymore appropriate for current times and times to come.
The shape of Yoga has to fit the times, and times they are changing.


has a Certificate in Yogic Studies from an Indian Yogic University. He also learnt Hatha, Iyengar and "Ashtanga" Yoga in various ashrams and from various masters in India from 2000-2005. He is initiated into Shivaist Saraswati order and in Reiki. He started with Pranayama and Asana when he was 14.


is fine adjusting you. She learnt Yoga from Marek and can even read Ayurvedic pulse. So she can feel subtle things in your body.


Where: Wien 1130, Seuttergasse, U4 Station Hütteldorf (S45, S50, S80, ...),
5-10 Min by foot over the Wien river

We speak English and German


Talk to us

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