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Guru Purnima Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Every year, on the night of the Full Moon in July, there is Guru Purnima.

It is a a special night when we remember and reconnect with our Guru/s.  

(Funny, Latin word for reconnect is religare.)

Tonight from the 4th to the 5th of July, the Guru Purnima starts. Buddhists, Hindus, Yogi, Jains, they all celebrate their Gurus. For Yogis, their 1st Guru is Shiva. But it is also one’s personal Guru we try to reconnect to. It can be also your inner Guru.

So if you feel connected to any past, present or future Guru, now it is time to pay attention what s/he is trying to tell you.

We will do Maha Mritunjaya Mantra 108 times. But you can do whatever you feel like to do.

Already yesterday, I started with this Mantra. Something was telling me to start it. I completely forgot about Guru Purnima, but Guru Purnima did not forget. Maybe also because this year’s Guru Purnima is even more special and stronger than usual.

Why is that so, Tajana will tell you:

This year, during Guru Purnima, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn along with Jupiter and Pluto, and what is even more special, at the same time there is Lunar Eclipse! This Lunar Eclipse happens every 8 to 10 years.

But thanks to Jupiter and Pluto, this moment now is charged with powerful energy of expansion and transformation. The Lunar Eclipse, like a bridge, helps us to establish a connection with the ancient enlightened ancestors - the Gurus.

Due to the retrograde motion of these planets, it is easier for us to look back, to the past, to the ancient times when Rishis and Munis walked the Earth. This is an unique opportunity to transform the relationship with the power of these spiritual teachers and raise that relationship to a higher level, because such a constellation occurs once in 248 years, as long as the Pluto cycle lasts! So it is great moment for transformation.

Lunar eclipses are part of lunar cycle lasting 18 and half years. This was followed and celebrated by our ancestors thousands and thousands of years ago. Stonehenge is one of the monuments of that tradition, where the rituals were performed exactly at these auspicious times. These ancient observers were aware of the power of the Moon, of its Ida, Yin side. 

So there is a New Moon, and Full Moon. During the New Moon, is the Moon in conjunction with the Sun, and it is dominated by solar energy, energy of dynamics, movement and wakefulness. In Yoga we call this energy Pingala, in TCM Yang. In contrast, during the Full Moon, the subconsciousness and intuition are dominant. It is easier for us to turn inward and dive into our inner world! The ancient observers in Stonehenge have built it exactly to show different stages of the Moon cycle. So we can say that the Moon, the female energy was much more important then, at least as important as the Sun or the male energy.  

We can see on the picture the reddish Sun which marks the summer solstice – the Sun Eclipse, the Moon came in exactly in the front the Sun.

picture credits

Tonight is the Moon Eclipse, which happens on the opposite side of the Earth, as seen from the Stonehenge. So if we step outside of the circle (or turn ourselves 180°) and look through between two big stones into the Circle we would see the opposite point, where the Moon Purnima Eclipse happens. So the Circle of the Stonehenge is the Mandala, where the energy is focused and the symbol for our inner consciousness. This is where the focus is tonight is. 

The Eclipse of the Full Moon additionally directs this subconscious energy to establish a connection with something greater than ourselves, to become aware of the need for a Connection with the Source. (Religare)

Through meditation and prayer, we connect with the spiritual field that our spiritual teachers have built. It helps us strengthen our spiritual force and build our spiritual, sacred space. Through the creation of this conscious connection, we help in the expansion of the collective spiritual consciousness. We have to add that according to Jyotish, Ketu and Jupiter are in the same sign – Capricorn. Why Jupiter? Jupiter is the Guru, and Ketu represents the past. So again, let’s connect with the knowledge that our Gurus from the past left for us to keep alive. The energy will still be around on 5th of July and even on 6th.

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