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I Ching, Jesus and pacification of Europe

My wife and me were doing I Ching the other day. It goes like this that i do the divination and she notes the Trigrams and basically interprets the answers. I do the I Ching divination because i get the most concrete answers, and she is somehow great at intepreting. This time we got somehow ambiguous answer. The question was on upcoming war in Israel, and the answers were partly personal to me, partly they had to do with Israel. For me, she interpreted the answers that i should carry on with my Sadhana and not worry too much about wars going on. This was partly true because i did this divination a bit worried or anxious, so the answer was related to the state i was in.

But there was also mentions of both ram/Aries and sacrificial ram, which can both be associated with Jews/Israel, if you know that Aries is associated with Jews and they also arose in the age of Aries. During the discussion of the answer and sacrificial ram, she remembered that during the time of Jesus they still sacrificed animals. And Jesus wanted to root out the sacrificing. He empasized empathy and helping other in his every deed. He put people and human values above strict rules. He said it does not make sense doing evil to another person, and actively helped a sick man on Shabbat, what was forbidden. So he was against sacrifing humans for the sake of rules. Paradoxically the later church made all his work as sacrifice!

So why is that? Because the later Christians (and here you could count me in too, since i have been initiated into Catholic Christianity), they did not know how and why Jesus ended up on the cross, if he was God’s son having all those powers? The reason is — Jesus was part of bigger plan, and even he did not know what it was. His role was to spread spirituality to Europe, which at that time was totally unspiritual — Rome was more about war and building material things and enjoying them, Greece was declining long time ago and its Orphic tradition was basically erased, Celts — Celts had their Burning Man and here we are again at human sacrifice. Everything Jesus ever fought against. Both Rene Gueonon(1) and Bela Hamvas(2) also point out that Europe never had a tradition of spiritual caste. So it needed to be pacified. to be enlightened. Did Jesus know this about Europe? No. He never even planned his teachings for non-Jews. He did his best — better than any man in Israel then, and taught what he knew. But Jews did not need spirituality. Even despite of strict rules, they were spiritual. They had a tradition of spirituality with holy teachings and books. The did not need teachings of Jesus as desperately as wild and lost Europe needed them — like fish needs the water. So this was his role. Even if it did not succeed 100% Christianity transformed Europe, even brought rights to women, although many might regard it only thru the eyes of current Catholic church, asking where r these rights ? — but before that it needed Jesus to introduce the ideas of women in spirituality and society. Heinrich Heine described well the influence Christianity had on German tribes and warned about catastrophe when it will be abolished (3).

We have the same movement in India some years ago with Buddha. Also India did not need Buddha’s teachings. India already was spiritual. They had spiritual a caste and teachings. They had Upanishad, Veda. But the Far East needed it. China, Korea, human sacrifices were made before arival of Budhism. They needed a teaching that will lift up their perception of life. For them, Buddha worked. For Europe it was Jesus who was for empathy and love towards human being, because in every human there is a part of divine. Indo-Europeans accepted his teachings but as he was divinized, their Ratio still could not understand how he, as almost a God or a God, could have been crucified? So they said he did it on purpose, as a sacrifice for humanity. But the truth is he didnt know the big picture either. And this does not diminish his value or value of his teachings. On the contrary, it puts more value on his deeds and teachings. The whole thing with his sacrifice was invented by clueless people in church. And it moves you away from the content of his teachings and deeds. So forget this dogma about sacrifice. It was invented by people who lived after him.

Jesus didn’t die for somebody’s sins. He died because he was regarded as dangeurous by rulers, as he challenged the status quo of the ruling order. He did not care much for wordly things. He knew it’s best not to mess with it. His teaching were about another Realm. And I am sure he could have taught much more.

So how come suddenly 2 of the religious figures appear at more or less same time, few centuries apart? It is because human progress moves in cycles. This was just before or at the start of the Age of Pisces, which is the most spiritual age. Now, we are moving towards the Age of Aquarius and the power of religion is vanishing. Churches in Europe are closing (4). Catolicism has become more tradition and less religion or even spirituality. Still some values Jesus taught were established. The same with the Far East and Buddha. Let’s work so they do not vanish in the Age of intellectual and oh so rational Aquarius.

  1. Le Roi du Monde — Rene Guenon

  2. Scientia Sacra — Bela Hamvas

  3. Zur Geschichte der Religion und Philosophie in Deutschland — Heinrich Heine



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