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Sattvic Weekend

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

As I work up to 50 hours during the week, I definitely spend weekends in nature. These are precious meditative moments, which enable the regeneration of the whole body and spirit.

This Saturday we hiked all day and spent the end of the day in the garden surrounded by the Sattvic energy of healing vegetables, flowers, bumblebees and bees.

We picked half a kilo of winter peas, which immediately ended up in the finest soup spiced with spring onions, dill and coriander freshly picked in the garden.

Tea made from fresh marigold, marshmallow and chamomile took us to beautiful dreams. It is amazing how different these plants taste when fresh! We left some of the marshmallows and chamomile to dry for autumn teas.

I also dipped the marigold in cold-pressed sunflower oil to make marigold macerate for the Abyanga.

The Sunday was spent even more relaxed in the company of dear friends, and for lunch we made miso soup with salmon, beans and spices from the garden. During the summer, we pick a kilo of green beans every weekend.

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