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Bela Hamvas

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

was a keeper of Sacred  Knowledge. He reintroduced the Sacred Tradition - Scienta Sacra and made a synthesis of ancient streams of Tradition. Not that original traditions like Veda, Gnosis need a synthesis, he knew it very well, but Bela showed how they all come from one source, are One, but different; many forms of One. 

He was one of the few original western Yogis,

the other ones being Thoreau and Guenon.

There is not a lot of Bela Hamvas in English, so this page will introduce his inspirational thoughts as fragments in English, which became today the universal language, like once Greek and Latin were. Bela understood the old universal languages and noticed how our understanding of the world on spiritual level got lost when these languages ceased to be used.

He wrote a lot about hidden reality, which is happening behind the visible events - and how to comprehend it. 

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